Weight Loss in a Box
Get the body you deserve


Are you frustrated at losing weight only to put the weight back on? Are you struggling to budge that last 5 – 7 kilograms to fit into your favourite dress?


In this book, you will discover simple strategies in the areas of mindset, nutrition and exercise to help you lose your stubborn excess weight and more importantly, keep it off. You will receive action steps at the end of each chapter to support you in your weight loss journey. You need to take action, however. It is not good enough just to read the action steps or put them off until later. You need to complete each action step as you progress through the book. The time invested in each area of your plan will payoff in your long term results.


In this book you will discover how to:

  • Ensure you are ready to lose weight
  • Establish the real reason for losing weight
  • Gain clarity around your commitment
  • Change your thinking to support you
  • Establish what will help you to get success in your weight loss efforts
  • Identify any sabotage factors that may prevent you from getting the results that you deserve
  • Establish how much you really need to eat and the ideal breakdown of food
  • The best exercise to help your weight loss efforts

After helping more than 1000 people during the last 15 years to lose more than 8000 kilograms and maintain their new weight, I am well placed to support you and I look forward to you getting the results that you deserve.

So, take action now to get back into your favourite jeans and live your best life.

How To Use This Book


There are links to documents and videos throughout this book to assist you to get the most out of this book and to support you in your weight loss efforts. Each of the documents are either word, pdf or spreadsheet documents. The spreadsheet documents may be used for calculations such as your metabolism.


To gain the full benefit of this book, it is recommended that you complete each task as you progress through the book.

If you have any questions on the use of these documents, please email me from the contacts page.