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G’day, I’m David Blair. I live in Brisbane, Australia and I’m a Director in a variety of companies dedicated to the improvement in the well-being and quality of life of others.
I am a writer, corporate speaker, coach and educator specialising in the areas of optimal performance,


Fish oil (also known as omega-3 fats) supplements, are one of the most popular supplements, with more people buying than ever.  This should not come as a surprise as there have been more than 15,000 studies, fish oil is powerful in reducing the risk of heart disease, triglycerides and helping with weight loss. When determining […]

There are two types of polyunsaturated fats: Omega 3, which is found in foods such as oily fish (e.g. mackerel, salmon, sardines, trout and tuna), and walnuts, almonds and linseeds. Omega 6, which is found in foods such as sunflower and safflower seeds, and soybeans. The ratio of the amount of Omega 3 to Omega […]

Men’s Health Apr 5, 2014

The biggest killer of men by far is cardio-vascular disease (according to The National Heart Foundation, it accounts for 34% of deaths) and the prevention of this range of ailments can never start too early. Aside from hereditary factors, adequate exercise, a healthy diet, supplementation as required, and not smoking, can all help in forming […]

Unfortunately due to diminished soil quality, food processing and cooking methods, modern diets can be lacking in key elements including omega 3 fats, calcium, iron, zinc and iodine. Omega 3 Fat Not only are Omega 3 fats generally lacking in our diets, Omega 6 fats are excessive, a combination of which has an adverse effect […]