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G’day, I’m David Blair. I live in Brisbane, Australia and I’m a Director in a variety of companies dedicated to the improvement in the well-being and quality of life of others.
I am a writer, corporate speaker, coach and educator specialising in the areas of optimal performance,


Diets Work. Because of the caloric restriction of diets, your body will be made to use body fat stores for fuel (energy). The benefits of dieting are more evident in the early stages of weight loss. They are, however, difficult to maintain.

shutterstock_134472380 (Small)Diets don’t work. Dieting has no way to deal with the metabolism, which has slowed in response to the diet. Whenever you start to burn stored energy, your body protects itself by becoming more efficient. This survival technique lowers the metabolism when you are dieting. This is why you hit a plateau. This can then lead to a state of continual dieting, which in turn leads to an even lower metabolism. That is why habitual dieters often increasingly fluctuate in body fat, the more they diet.

If you have failed in the past with your exercise and weight loss plans, whether from not losing the desired amount of weight or not maintaining your desired weight, an overall plan that maintains your metabolism, will help you with the never-ending cycle of dieting.