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G’day, I’m David Blair. I live in Brisbane, Australia and I’m a Director in a variety of companies dedicated to the improvement in the well-being and quality of life of others.
I am a writer, corporate speaker, coach and educator specialising in the areas of optimal performance,


There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. I hear it all the time. Unfortunately, you are not going to get anymore; there’s always going to be 168 hours in a week. Considering how much is accomplished by great leaders of nations or the business leaders of our time or the great […]

If you look to research, you can easily find a study to support whatever you want to believe. One example is a study Dr. George Blackburn, associate director of the Division of Nutrition at Harvard Medical School who concluded that diet or nutrition is by far the greatest predictor of weight loss success. He suggests […]

Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) is a measurably increased rate of oxygen intake following strenuous activity. The extra oxygen is used in the processes that restore the body to a resting state and adapt it to the exercise just performed. These include: Hormone balancing Replenishment of fuel stores Cellular repair Anabolism Replenishment of Creatine Phosphate […]

Muscle Cramps May 8, 2014

About two out of three people experience painful muscle cramps during sport, activity or even just lying in bed. It most commonly occurs in the calf muscle or the foot. Exercise can cause an abnormal stimulation of the muscle causing an involuntary and forceful contraction and is more likely to occur in a tired muscle. […]

The cost of that …. Apr 8, 2014

Have you ever wondered what the cost of that glass of wine or slice of cake? Read below to see what the exercise cost is of a variety of foods and drinks. 1 can (375 ml) of beer =                                  Run for 11.5 minutes at 10 kph (135 calories) 1 slice (100 g) of chocolate mud […]

Men’s Health Apr 5, 2014

The biggest killer of men by far is cardio-vascular disease (according to The National Heart Foundation, it accounts for 34% of deaths) and the prevention of this range of ailments can never start too early. Aside from hereditary factors, adequate exercise, a healthy diet, supplementation as required, and not smoking, can all help in forming […]

Your Body is Shrinking Mar 30, 2014

As we get older, we get shorter. But our height is not the only thing that shrinks with age. Most people lose at least about 1 cm in height every decade after the age of 40. By the age of 80, most people will be 5 – 8 cm shorter. From about the age of […]