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G’day, I’m David Blair. I live in Brisbane, Australia and I’m a Director in a variety of companies dedicated to the improvement in the well-being and quality of life of others.
I am a writer, corporate speaker, coach and educator specialising in the areas of optimal performance,


Protein can play an integral part of your weight loss efforts but beware of eating too much! Read on …. 1. Protein helps boost energy expenditure Dietary induced thermogenesis: i.e. the increase in heat production by the body after eating due to both the metabolic energy cost of digestion and the energy cost of forming […]

Eating Triggers Aug 24, 2014

Ninety per cent of why we eat is behaviour-related (psychological hunger). It is not because we are hungry. It’s because we are, for example, sad, angry, depressed anxious, bored or simply it is “time to eat”. Psychological hunger is when you want to have something to eat or drink without physical symptoms such as an […]

There are two types of polyunsaturated fats: Omega 3, which is found in foods such as oily fish (e.g. mackerel, salmon, sardines, trout and tuna), and walnuts, almonds and linseeds. Omega 6, which is found in foods such as sunflower and safflower seeds, and soybeans. The ratio of the amount of Omega 3 to Omega […]

5 Stay-Slim Strategies Jul 15, 2014

1. Eat a nutrient-rich diet Not only will a healthy, nutrient-rich diet help you to live optimally, it is also a key strategy for weight management. Instead of the overly simple focus on cutting calories, maintaining a diet that is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and other beneficial food chemicals helps give your body the nutrients […]

Wholegrain foods are an important part of a healthy diet. They contain all of the different nutritious components found in the original grain such as vitamins, minerals, protein and antioxidants. The dietary guidelines for Australians recommend we eat plenty of bread, rice and pasta, preferably wholegrain. While you enjoy the texture and taste of wholegrain […]

The cost of that …. Apr 8, 2014

Have you ever wondered what the cost of that glass of wine or slice of cake? Read below to see what the exercise cost is of a variety of foods and drinks. 1 can (375 ml) of beer =                                  Run for 11.5 minutes at 10 kph (135 calories) 1 slice (100 g) of chocolate mud […]

Unfortunately due to diminished soil quality, food processing and cooking methods, modern diets can be lacking in key elements including omega 3 fats, calcium, iron, zinc and iodine. Omega 3 Fat Not only are Omega 3 fats generally lacking in our diets, Omega 6 fats are excessive, a combination of which has an adverse effect […]